Links to sites that I have found interesting/exciting/inspirational/useful,
some of them all four at once. I hope you may be similarly affected.


Joe Cornish
A constant inspiration to all landscape photographers like me, who trail along in his wake. A visit to his gallery in Northallerton is a must if you are anywhere near the area
Mark Denton
Mark gave of his time, help and advice generously both before and after my 6x17 debut, and I'm pleased to have him as a friend and sometime in-the-field co-snapper
Colin Prior
Buying a copy of his now out of print book Scotland, The Wild Places almost ten years ago lit my Fuji 617 fuse that fizzled along before bursting into light with my first pano camera years later
Viewfinder Photographic Society
An enthusiastic, friendly bunch of folk with differing interests, equipment and skills, but all with the same aim - make photography interesting, enjoyable and, above all, FUN! Why not come along if you are nearby


Fujichrome Velvia 50
The film for bringing field trip memories back to vibrant life
Lee Filters
Simply the best
One-stop shop for all things three-legged, and lovely they are too
Really Right Stuff
Groovy name, and top quality dependable Stuff what's more
For all things Canon shaped
Zero Image
Haven't got one yet, but a pinhole camera that works just as well as a table ornament? Must be fun!
A site dedicated to the plastic fantastic


Cambridge in Colour
Superb tutorials and techniques sections, and evocative night-time photos to boot
I'm still trying and still not succeeding!
The Zone System
Ansel Adams lives on. There have been countless explanations of his zone system. This is one of the simpler ones
The brains behind this site and many more.